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The Duchess and the Dragon, by Jamie Carie
ISBN: 9780805445350, Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

This is the second title I have reviewed for a Jamie Carie book and, as before, I was not let down. This is the author’s second title, following Snow Angel, a Best Books Award winner. Jamie Carie resides in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and three children.
The Duchess and the Dragon, set in Regency-era, is a historical romance. Drake Weston, Duke of Northumberland, England is set to be the heir upon his father’s passing, bringing with it influence and wealth beyond imagine. But when his poor temper causes a tragic mistake, Drake is forced from the country he loves and the life he knows, in to America as an indentured servant. Barely surviving the journey and horrid conditions, Serena Winter, a Quaker woman, finds him near death and rescues him by bringing Drake home and nursing him back to health. Thrown together by circumstance, these two individuals, from backgrounds that couldn’t be more opposite, discover the consequences and power of what love can do. They must confront the web of deceit that threatens to destroy all that they hold dear, trusting in the power of prayer and their love for one another.
In all honesty, historical romance is my least favorite of the romance genre. This is a tough genre to write in, as I have done so myself, and to invent a story-line that has not been over-used or recycled is a daunting task. I am pleased to report that this was not the case in this book.
I find myself completely enamored by Jamie Carie’s ability to tell a great story, with strong characters to back them up. The backdrop and history was stellar, as was the language that tossed you into another time, another era, forgetting that this was fiction. The two very different religions added a great element for the plot and turmoil between the main characters. I liked the diverse family background, as well- One coming from deceitful and hateful surroundings, and the other from a warm and nurturing one. It added to the plot nicely. The characters were realistic and endearing. I especially liked that they were not without common human flaws, as we tend to see in this genre often. The plot flowed well and, at no time, did I find myself disinterested. Mostly, the ending was a sagacious one, in where I did not have to roll my eyes at an unrealistic ‘happily ever after.’ It was happy all right, and gave closure to such magnitude everyone will be satisfied, but not in an impractical manner.
This was a heart-pounding and moving read. Jamie Carie is still new to the publishing world, but she won’t be for long. She has immeasurable talent and I look forward to seeing her on a best-seller list some day.

Kelly Moran
Author and Reviewer

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