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Chasing Memories, by Cindy Bauer
ISBN: 1413798357

I am pleasantly surprised after reading Chasing Memories, by Cindy Bauer. Born in Iowa, Cindy now resides in Missouri with her husband. She thanks her husband, Robert, and sister, Debra for their continued support. Chasing Memories is her first title.
The book is supposedly the first in a trilogy and takes place in a small town called Hampton in Missouri. The book opens with a prologue and closes with an epilogue of Laura in her elder years. The storyline follows Laura Thompson, a thirty year old widow, through some very difficult times in her life. Just when Laura and her daughter, Annie were moving on after the death of Steven, another tragedy is thrown at them when a freak accident causes Laura to lose her memory. With the help of her friends, Susan and Mildred, Laura attempts to regain control of a life she doesn’t remember, and restore normalcy to her daughter.
That I am aware of, the second book in this trilogy, Shades of Blue, follows Laura’s friend, Susan shortly after Chasing Memories ends. I am unclear where the third books goes, but after reading the epilogue, I’m hoping it’s back to Laura and the budding relationship with Dr. MacKenzie, or following her daughter, Annie after she’s grown.
It is my understanding that the author is seeking a new publisher for this book and is working on a re-write, so the very few minor criticisms I have might be moot. I found a few errors in the editing process. Overall, there were few, and it did not distract me or discourage me from reading. The first few chapters seemed a bit methodical in a way that we were just obtaining day-to-day rituals and not necessarily knowing inner feelings or personality of the characters. This quickly dissolved around the fourth chapter.
Aside from that, I found this to be an enjoyable and bittersweet read. Cindy Bauer was able to extract characters on paper and into our hearts. One tragedy after another, there were no dead spots and, I am amazed at how emotional I was at times while reading. She was able to relay the despair of losing a husband, the uncertainties of parenthood, the necessity of friendship, the fear of amnesia, and the power of faith and prayer. I am very much looking forward to the other 2 books in this trilogy. Cindy Bauer is a true gem in the inspirational fiction genre, and I see nothing but great things for her writing career.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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