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Blood Moon Rising, by Angela Lam Turpin
ISBN: 9781926704104
Publisher: Eternal Press

Author Angela Lam Turpin has worked in the real estate industry for over fifteen years. Her book-length memoir, Red Eggs and Good Luck, won the Mary Tanenbaum Award for Creative Nonfiction. Her essay, Strange and Wonderful, appeared in Wild Child: Girlhoods in the Counterculture by Seal Press. Legs was her first book, with this one following. She resides with her husband and two children.
Valkyrie has awakened deep in the Shaman’s Forest to discover that her dhampir son, Anthony’s mysterious fever has returned. Now the vampire mother must venture into the city to find a man she hasn’t seen in fifteen years to save her son’s life. According to the sorceress, half-human, half-vampire, Anthony, must have his father’s blood before the next full moon or he’ll die. Having never been outside of the forest, Valkyrie and Anthony find fascination and confusion amongst the human world, and it’s tearing them apart. Can they mend differences and find his father before it’s too late?
I appreciate what the author tried to do with this book, having a vampire clueless to the human way of life, and only knowing the forest as home. Even in paranormal romance, one must struggle to stand out and be unique. But it was poorly executed from start to finish. Going from an isolated forest to the big city should have been a much more drastic acclamation for these two than it was. Anthony was not a relatable character, as I found him whiny, even with his age. I felt the same about Valkyrie, and as a mother, could not have disagreed more with her choices. There was a detached interest throughout the book, where I felt like I was being read to instead of the characters telling it to me themselves. For a paranormal romance, there was very little romance involved, and the first meeting of Bill and Valkyrie fifteen years ago lacked spark. This evolved a bit later on in the reunion, but not enough to feel satisfied.
Now, as stated above, I’m giving the author, (who I respect fully as a person), a lot of credit for reaching out and trying to break the norm. The idea behind the book was unique and refreshing to see. I also, without putting up a spoiler alert, am very pleased with the ending.

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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