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Best Friends Forever, by Jennifer Weiner
ISBN: 9780743294294
Publisher: Atria Books (Simon & Schuster, Inc.)

Author Jennifer Weiner is the New York Times best-selling author of several books including: Certain Girls, Good in Bed, Little Earthquakes, Goodnight Nobody, The Guy Not Taken, and In Her Shoes (which was made into a major motion picture.) She is a graduate of Princeton University and resides in Philadelphia, PA with her family.
When Valerie Adler moved across the street from Addie Downs when they were both nine years old, Addie just knew they’d be best friends forever. But in the wake of an incident and betrayal in high school, the friendship dissolves, leaving Addie as the scapegoat and Val swept into the popular crowd. Fifteen years later, Addie lives alone and Val has found a small measure of success as a weathergirl on the local T.V. station. Addie, caring for a troubled brother and trying the internet dating scene, opens her door to find her long lost best friend, Val, standing there with blood on her sleeve and a horrified expression. When it comes to friendship, some bonds can never be broken.
This is a work of literary fiction with romantic elements, and Jennifer Weiner fans won’t be let down. This book is unique because it is not only told in first-person point-of-view by Addie, but also third-person by Jordan, and jumps from past to present smoothly, telling the back story in fragments. Targeted to be humorous and heart-breaking, it delivers a punch to your solar plexus that will remain with you long after the book is closed. Very few authors understand the human condition, our responses to stress, and the inner workings of our minds like Jennifer Weiner can. The over-eating, neglect, disappointment, and depression suffered by her characters will leave you in tears and wondering if they are real. The secondary characters were phenomenal adds to the storyline. You’ll fall in love with Jordan and all his quirks. The romance elements were sweet and realistic. The plot flowed well and there were no dead spots. I would like to see this targeted not only for adults, but for the young adult market too, as they can learn a lot about the consequences of the choices they make and how much of an impact negativity can have on others.
Best Friends Forever, by Jennifer Weiner, is a riveting portrayal of friendship, love, family, loyalty, and betrayal. A guaranteed laugh and cry!

Kelly Moran,
Author and Reviewer

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