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BIO: Wisconsin native Stacey Joy Netzel fell in love with books at a young age, so for her the graduation to writing them was natural. A member of Romance Writer's of America and Wisconsin Romance Writers (WisRWA), she credits her parents for encouraging her dreams of becoming a published author, as well as the very talented friends she’s made in WisRWA since joining in 2004. Her books have received numerous 5 Star reviews from reviewers and readers alike, and her Christmas anthology, MISTLETOE RULES, took 1st place in WisRWA's 2010 Write Touch Readers' Award. An avid reader and big fan of movies with happy endings, Stacey lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three children, a couple horses and some barn cats. She works part-time as a travel agent, and in her limited free time she enjoys gardening, canning, and visiting her parents in Northeastern Wisconsin (Up North) at their cabin on the lake.
Thanks for being here, Stacey. It’s a pleasure.

I’m happy to be here, Kelly, and just hope I don’t bore anyone.

#1- Tell us a little about yourself outside of your writing career…

Oh, geez, didn’t I just say I didn’t want to bore anyone? lol I’ll keep it short. My day job is as a corporate travel agent…busy and not very exciting since I don’t get to travel much. I love the idea of gardening, enjoy the planting and harvesting, but hate everything in between. I do what I must, though, and my good friend and cp Donna Marie Rogers got me into canning this past summer. Other than that, I enjoy a good movie, book, or evening with the family.

#2- We are both natives of Wisconsin. For you, what is your favorite part of living here, and what would you like to share with others not from here about our state?

I was born and raised in WI. Except for 2 summers in Colorado and 3 years in KY, I’ve lived here all my life. I love that just about anywhere I go, there’s a small town feel to the state, yet I live only ten minutes from a large city with pretty much everything I could want. All my family and my husband’s lives within 2hrs of us, and that’s it in the nutshell—family keeps our roots planted in WI. It’s a bonus that a drive through WI gives you beautiful rolling hills, gorgeous fall foliage colors, and lots of fun in the great outdoors! And, oh yeah—there’s this little pro football team called the Green Bay Packers. You might have heard of them? *grin*

#3- We are also both members of RWA and WisRWA. What do you feel you have gained from your membership, and would you recommend it to other aspiring writers?

I would highly recommend RWA and WisRWA to aspiring writers. I found ‘home’ at my first WisRWA meeting in 2004. Shortly after, I knew I had family there, too. As if the incredible wealth of shared knowledge about the craft and business of writing in RWA weren’t enough, I’ve made friends I will have for the rest of my life. Their friendships and support is the best part of being a member.

#4- How do you handle the negative reviews and critiques you receive?

I try to remind myself not to take it personally. After I’ve let it sink in a bit, I try to view the comments objectively and figure out what I can do differently in the next book to keep readers happy. That is the main goal.

#5- Can you tell us a bit about the book in this giveaway and where the inspiration came from?

TRUST IN THE LAWE is Kendra and Colton’s book, but Kendra’s brother Joel was the hero of my very first book (as yet unpublished). Joel’s mother left him when he was eight years old, never to be seen or heard from again. I thought it’d be interesting to introduce an unknown sibling and see where it went. Joel welcomed Kendra with open arms, but his ranch manager Colton wasn’t quite so trusting since she’d stolen his wallet before showing up at the ranch.

Here’s the official blurb: Kendra Zelner has three brothers: Eight-year old Noah she's determined to protect, Joel who has no clue she exists, and Robert who wants her dead.

With reason to be distrustful of cops, she takes Noah and flees their Manhattan home for Joel’s ranch in Colorado. Under the pretense of needing a job, she plans to hide out until her twenty-fifth birthday, when she’ll inherit her trust fund and legally gain custody of Noah away from Robert’s greedy hands. Unfortunately, her brother’s sexy, infuriating ranch manager insists on demolishing her defenses and digging into her past.

Colton Lawe has good reason to suspect Joel’s beautiful, long-lost sister isn’t what she seems—the little liar stole from him! He silently vows to expose her secrets, but long hours together on the ranch foster a closeness and fiery attraction neither of them expects. Can Kendra trust Colton with the full truth before Robert finds them?

#6- Are there any upcoming releases we would like to know about, and could you give us your web site so readers can check it out?

Trust in the Lawe is the first book of three in The Colorado Trust Series. The next book in the series, SHADOWED TRUST was just released in print with The Wild Rose Press, and will be available in e-book on March 30th.

Blurb: Sweet twenty-seven and never been kissed. Well…no one’s ever accused Marley Wade of being sweet. Raised in the world of construction by her rough-and-tumble father, Marley knows what it takes to succeed as a general contractor in a man’s world. The last thing she needs is an employee who makes her feel soft and feminine.

New co-owner of Hunter Construction Justin Blake goes undercover on Marley’s crew to discover the truth behind his grandfather’s death. But he didn't count on an instant attraction to his boss—or for it to develop into deeper emotions. When a blackmailer threatens to expose the twenty-five-year-old secrets that link his family and Marley’s, Justin realizes the truth could not only destroy a future with Marley, but his entire family as well.

In a world where nothing is as it seems, can Justin and Marley trust a love that appears as elusive as a mirage?

Excerpts for all my books can be found at my website:

#7- This about concludes it. Thank you again for joining us. Is there anything else you would like to share?

Kelly, thank you for having me and for all you do for other authors!

Readers, don’t forget to comment for a chance to win TRUST IN THE LAWE. (Winner’s choice of ebook or print.) Also, anyone who visits my website and joins my mailing list will be entered into the March contest for a copy of SHATTERED TRUST.

Have a wonderful day!

Stacey Joy Netzel



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